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Round 4
IMG 9518Hatay Metropolitan Municipality, T.S Alyans and Kayseri Sugar Sports Club is leading with a perfect score 4.0/4 followed by Turkish Airlines, Deniz Su Aquamatch and 1920 Maraşspor. Tomorrow will be an action-packed day with double rounds!
Beşiktaş 2- 6 Deniz Su Aquamatch
One of the most notable games of the round was surely GM Shakhriyar Mamedyarov and this year’s European Individual Chess Champion GM Ernesto Inarkiev. Ernesto took his time and played with caution. After 44 moves the game ended with a draw.
The confrontation of Turkey’s top players GM Alexander Ipatov and GM Dragan Solak, was another important game worth watching. This game also ended with a draw after a long battle.
IM Vahap Şanal, who had received his GM title at beginning of July, beat his opponent Rad Cannesar. With the draws in the first 2 boards and wins in the last 5 boards, Deniz Su Aqumatch have managed to win the 4th round with a 6-2 score.
Kayseri Sugar 8 - 0 Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality
Kayseri Sugar Sports Club, one of the strong contenders for the top, encountered the lowest rated in the tournament. A complete sweep of 8-0 for Kayseri Sugar is keeping their hopes for becoming the champion alive.
IM Cemil Can Ali Marandi, who had won gold medals in all 5 age categories of European Youth Chess Championships, gained a quick victory over his opponent Berkcan Ergun just in 22 moves. Similarly, Cemil Can’s teammates FM Melih Yurtsever, Tutku Kahraman Maraşlı, Ayça Aksoy and Eda Çelik have swiftly managed to defeat their opponents just under 1 hr 30 mins after the start of the round. 2013 European Individual Champion Alexander Moiseenko’s victory against Tugay Çolak, and Rıdvan Şakir’s win enabled Kayseri Sugar to reach perfect score on the 4th round.
1920 Maraşspor 6 -  2 Akdeniz Vida
It is certainly not a coincidence that with strong GMs in the top three boards, like Zhigalko, Paichadze and Benidze against FM Babageldi, Aydın Duman and Cihan Kılıç of Akdeniz Vida, 1920 Maraşspor scored 6-2 in the forth round. In this respect, 1920 Maraşspor following the leaders with a 3.0/4 score still holding a strong chance for the top.
Hatay Metropolitan Municipality 5 - 3 ITU
Hatay Metropolitan Municipality continued its outstanding performance in the forth round against former champion ITU. On the first board Ukrainian GM Vasyl Ivanchuk played against Turkish National Team player GM Emre Can. Despite the solid 157 ELO difference between the super GM Ivancuk and GM Can, the game ended with a draw. Following GM Mustafa Yılmaz’s defeat against IM Sergei Matsenko, GM Barış Esen’s draw with FM Hakan Erdoğan and WCM Sinem Çağla Gündoğan’s loss on the last board; GM Anna Muzychuk’s victory against WIM Alina Bivol, IM Ufuk Arats and FM Denizcan Temizkan’s wins against Emirhan Tarlabaşı and FM Aydınçelebi of ITU made Hatay Metropolitan Municipality team victorious.
T.S Alyans 4,5 –  3,5  Onur Koleji
Still holding on tight to the top, T.S Alyans managed to won by the slightest of margins against Onur Koleji. On the top two boards, Russian GM Boris Savchenko and Norwegian GM Tari Aryan of T.S Alyans drew their matches against two Turkish FMs Engin Topak and Orhan Eminov. Meanwhile, GM Kıvanç Haznedaroğlu, former Women’s World Champion Ukranian GM Anna Ushenina, FM Ege Köksal and WCM Ece Özbay’s wins made T.S Alyans victorious.
Turkish Airlines 6 – 2 Bogazici University
Last year’s third place winner, Turkish Airlines, made it clear that it is also aspiring for the top by its victory of 6-2 against Bogazici University. Despite the draws of GM Ivan Cheparinov against GM Hrant Melkumyan and former Turkish Women’s Champion WGM Betül Cemre Yıldız against Armenian IM Lilit Galojan following a loss on the 7th board, Turkish Airlines still won the round with a 6-2 score.
Tarsus Zeka 4 – 4 Taşduvar
On the forth round, one of the new teams of the İş Bank Super League, Taş Duvar played against one of the oldest members of the league Tarsus Zeka. With draws on the top boards where strong GMs like Kuzubov (2635), Mchedlishvili (2604) of Tarsus Zeka played against Russian GMs Rakhmanov (2653) and Antipov (2584) followed by two wins for each team and an additional draw on the 7th board, the round finished with a 4-4 tie.
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