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Round 5-6
IMG 9748Round 5

Hatay Metropolitan Municipality and Kayseri Sugar Sports Club continued their winning streak in the 5th round. Turkish Airlines is just behind them with a 9.0/10 score.
Without a doubt, all eyes were focused to the confrontation of last year’s 2nd place winner Deniz Su Aquamatch and one of the strongest contenders for the top, T.S Alyans.
On the first board, GM Ernesto Inarkiev GM Boris Savchenko of T.S Alyans. Despite that Inarkiev had blundered after his 33rd move, he managed to defend his position against his opponent. After five hours into the game, Inarkiev - Savchenko game ended with a draw. Admittedly, five draws and two wins carried Deniz Su Aquamatch to the victory with a 4 ½ - 3 ½ score.
On the third board, GM Dariusz Swiercz who had white pieces, a victory over GM Kıvanç Haznedaroğlu. GM Haznedaroğlu received his first defeat in the league.
GM Emre Can managed to do his second draw against yet an another super grandmaster, World’s #14, GM Shakhriyar Mamedyarov (2764). Despite 4 draws against last year’s Champion Beşiktaş, ITU couldn’t escape from loosing with a 2-6.
Polish IM Daniel Sadzikowski of Akdeniz Vida Metal, who lost his 1st 3 games, won against one of the stars of the event, GM Vassily Ivanchuk.
Some games, such as the ones between GM Antipov (Taş Duvar) - GM Paichadze (1920 Maraşspor) and GM Melkumyan (Bogazici University) - GM Kuzubov (Tarsus Zeka) made their teams 1920 Maraşspor and Tarsus Zeka victorious by the slightest of margins.
The results of the 5th round are as follows:
Taş Duvar 3,5 – 4,5 1920 Maraşspor
Bogazici University 3,5  -  4,5 Tarsus Zeka
Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality 1,5 – 6,5 Turkish Airlines
Onur Koleji 1- 7 Kayseri Sugar
Deniz Su Aquamatch 4,5 – 3,5 T.S Alyans
ITU 2 – 6 Beşiktaş
Akdeniz Vida Metal 2 – 6 Hatay Metropolitan Municipality
Round 6
A surprise development happened at the very beginning of the sixth round. Everyone was expecting to witness a top-notch game between Turkey’s top player GM Alexander Ipatov and Georgian GM Baadur Jobava. However, Jobava was unlucky that he fell asleep in-between games and could not manage to make it to the tournament hall on time. That meant an automatic win for GM Ipatov and a head-start for Deniz Su Aquamatch in the race for the top. Despite the loss, Kayseri Sugar still stays at the third place followed by T.S Alyans and Deniz Su Aquamatch.
In eclectic chess leagues, top boards are usually at the very centre of attention. However, it is often the last boards that save the day. This is exactly what happened in the 6th round. Following GM Ivanchuk’s second consecutive loss today to GM Zhigalko of 1920 Maraşspor. Fate of the round for Hatay Metropolitan Municipality and 1920 Maraşspor was decided by the results taken on the 6th and the 8th boards. With a draw on the 6th board and a win on the 8th board the game ended with a score of 3-5 for Hatay Metropolitan Municipality. Hatay Metropolitan Municipality is now the sole leader with a perfect score.
Another game worth mentioning is GM Ivan Cheparinov (2688) - GM Nidjat Mamedov (2588). 100 ELO difference did not stop GM Mamedov from winning against GM Cheparinov. Winning on the 1st board and draws on the 6th and the 17th boards did not help Onur Koleji much against Turkish Airlines as the final score was 6-2 for Turkish Airlines. In this regard, Turkish Airlines rose to the second place at the end of the 6th round.
Tarsus Zeka had a clear average rating advantage over Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality. Tarsus Zeka defeated Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality with a 7- 1 score.
The results of the 6th round are as follows:
1920 Maraşspor 3  -  5 Hatay Metropolitan Municipality
Beşiktaş 6 – 2 Akdeniz Vida Metal
T.S Alyans 4,5 – 3,5 ITU
Kayseri Sugar 3 – 5 Deniz Su Aquamatch
Turkish Airlines 6 – 2 Onur Koleji
Tarsus Zeka 7 – 1 Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality
Taş Duvar 5,5 – 2,5 Bogazici University


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