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Round 7: Blunders and Victories
IMG 9921Hatay Metropolitan Municipality is still at the lead with a perfect score. Kayseri Sugar, T.S Alyans and Deniz Su Aquamatch are following from only one point behind. Tomorrow will be the last round before the free day!
Beşiktaş 2 – 6 Hatay Metropolitan Municipality
One of the turning points of the confrontation of last year’s champion and one of this year’s strong contender for the top was surely IM Umut Atakişi’s game against GM Barış Esen. IM Atakişi’s blunder left no room for him to win against GM Esen.
After 2 consequative losses yesterday GM Ivanchuk played against GM Mamedyarov. Following Mamedyarov’s blunder, Ivanchuk ended his losing streak and won.
Turkey’s top GMs, Dragan Solak and Mustafa Yilmaz’s game was surely another game to watch. Due to playing on the Turkish National team for long years, they knew each other’s openings and game strategies well. Dragan managed to turn this situation to his advantage and declared victory against Mustafa.
However, Solak and Ivanchuck’s victories were not enough for Beşiktaş, following GM Krasenkow’s draw against GM Mamedov, GM Anna Muzychuk’s win against WGM Kübra Öztürk and two more losses on the 6th and 8th boards gave a clear advantage to Hatay Metropolitan Municipality.
Deniz Su Aquamatch 5 – 3 Turkish Airlines
Another critical confrontation took place between last year’s second and third place winners Deniz Su Aquamatch and Turkish Airlines. 5 draws and GM Ernesto Inarkiev’s win against GM Ivan Cheparinov and FM Tuna Tuncer’s win against Ataberk Eren made Deniz Su Aquamatch victorious. They are closely following the lead.
Bogazici University 3,5 – 4,5 1920 Maraşspor
Emre Demircioğlu’s (2206) draw against GM Luka Paichadze (2544) surely deserves a mention. However, with draws on 5 boards, where strong GMs Hrant Melkumyan and Zhigalko played against on the first board, GM Davit Benidze and CM Şiar Yaran’s wins made 1920 Maraşspor victorious by the slightest of margins against Bogazici University.
Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality 0  – 8 Taş Duvar
Taş Duvar, a team that has just joined the league just this year, completely swept Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality team has not won a single round yet.
Onur Koleji 4 – 4 Tarsus Zeka
With draws on the top board, where GM Nidjat Mamedov and Ukranian GM Yuri Kuzubov and the 7th board, with an addition of three wins each, Onur Koleji and Tarsus Zeka each got 4 points. It was a balanced round for both Onur Koleji and Tarsus Zeka throughout.
ITU 3 – 5 Kayseri Sugar
Turkey’s young talent GM Emre Can’s (2571) success of drawing against super GMs for three consecutive rounds was impeded by GM Alexander Moiseenko (2649). Taking advantage of his opponent’s blunder, GM Moiseenko had a nice win against GM Can.
GM Baadur Jobava, who had an unfortunate setback in the 6th round, drew against rising IM Sergei Matsenko.
IM Ekaterina Atalık, who had been undefeated for 6 rounds, was defeated by WIM Alina Bivol of ITU.
WCM Sude Hereklioglu’s win against Eda Çelik, also was not enough for ITU to beat Kayseri Sugar Sports Club. Two draws and 4 wins gave a clear advantage to Kayseri Şeker in the 7th round.
Akdeniz Vida 2,5 – 5,5 T.S Alyans
Another strong contender for the top, T.S Alyans, encountered Akdeniz Vida, another team that has not team won a single round yet. Apart from the IM Sadzikowski exceptional win against GM Savchenko of T.S Alyans and three draws on the 5th, 6th and the 7th boards,  Akdeniz Vida lost on all other boards. The final score of this confrontation was 2,5- 5,5 for T.S Alyans.
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