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Round 8: Hatay Metropolitan Municipality Is Still Undefeated
IMG 0288Hatay Metropolitan Municipality’s unstoppable rise still continues in the eighth round of 2016 Turkish İş Bank Chess League. Still have not undefeated, Hatay Metropolitan Municipality is at the top with a perfect score followed by Kayseri Sugar Sports Club and Deniz Su Aquamatch that have 14 points each.
1920 Maraşspor 5 – 3 Beşiktaş
The odds were not necessarily in favour of reigning champion Beşiktaş in the 8th round. Despite the draws on the first two boards and two victories on female boards (female & U16 female) where WGM Kübra Öztürk and WCM Çağıl Irmak Arda beat WIM Khayala Isgandarova and Bengü Sena Ayan, Beşiktaş lost on all other boards against 1920 Maraşspor with a final score of 5-3 for 1920 Maraşspor.
T.S Alyans 3 – 5 Hatay Metropolitan Municipality
Round 8 was a crucial round both for T.S Alyans and Hatay Metropolitan Municipality. GM Ivanchuck declared his victory against GM Savchenko. Apart from WCM Ece Özbay’s win on the last board against WCM Sinem Çağla Gündoğan, there were 4 draws and 3 wins in favour of Hatay. Former Women’s World Champion and reigning European Women’s Champion Anna Ushenina’s with GM Anna Muzychuk was one of the noteworthy matches that resulted in a draw.
Kayseri Sugar 6 – 2 Akdeniz Vida
Another strong contender for the top, Kayseri Sugar Sports Club was paired with Akdeniz Vida that has not received a victory for the past 7 rounds. On the top board, GM Alexander Moiseenko of Kayseri Sugar defeated IM Daniel Sadzikowski. Despite the draws on the 2nd, 4th, 6th and the 8th board, Akdeniz Vida Metal did not receive any points from this round as well.
Turkish Airlines 5½ – 2½ ITU
Last year’s third place winner Turkish Airlines beaten 2014 Champion ITU without any problems in the 8th round.
Having been playing on the first board, one of Turkey’s top national team players, GM Emre Can has been living a chess player’s dreams (or possibly nightmares!). Likewise the past couple of rounds, GM Emre Can was paired with another GM more than 100 points above his ELO. He came prepared and managed to draw against GM Cheparinov (2688).
However, GM Emre Can’s, WIM Alina Bivol’s and FM Serkan Soysal’s draws against strong players like GM Cheparinov, eleven-time Turkish Women’s Champion WGM Betül Cemre Yıldız and Sevval Doğan and WCM Sude Hereklioğlu’s win were not enough for ITU to defeat Turkish Airlines.
Tarsus Zeka 1½– 6½Deniz Su Aquamatch
There were draws on the top boards, where reigning European champion GM Inarkiev and former World Junior champion GM Ipatov played against Ukranian GM Kuzubov and Georgian GM Mchedlishvili and another draw on the 5th board where GM Nana Dzagnidze played against Tarsus Zeka’s Mongolian IM Nomin-Erdene Davaademberel. After winning on the remaining five boards, last year’s runner up, Deniz Su Aquamatch, received a clear victory against Tarsus Zeka. Deniz Su Aquamatch is still another strong contender for the top this year.
Taş Duvar 4 – 4 Onur Koleji
With four draws and four wins each Onur Koleji and Taş Duvar displayed a balanced game throughout the 8th round.
Bogazici University 8 – 0 Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality
Bogazici University completely swept Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality is another team that has not received any points in the league yet.
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