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Round 9
IMG 0735The 9thround was another breathtaking round with many confrontations that might instantly change which team will be the champion. As a result, despite their first draw against Kayseri Sugar, Hatay Metropolitan Municipality still goes strong on the way to the championship, Deniz Su Aquamatch is the second, followed by Kayseri Sugar and Turkish Airlines sharing the third place.

Hatay Metropolitan Municipality 4 – 4 Kayseri Sugar

 Admittedly, the most crucial confrontation of the round was Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, the undefeated leader for 8 rounds, and Kayseri Sugar another strong contender for the top.
Although the win of GM Ivanchuk against a fellow Ukrainian GM Moiseenko and Anna Muzychuk’s win against one of Turkey’s strongest players IM Ekaterina Atalık, increased the tension a bit, there were draws on the 2nd, 3rd and the 4th boards. IM Cemil Can Ali Marandi and IM Benjamin Gledura’s wins aginst IM Ufuk Sezen Arat and Denizkan Temizcan raised the hopes for Kayseri Sugar.
It was the last board that decided the fate of this round. After a long battle, young talents WCM Sinem Çağla Gündoğan drew against Ayça Aksoy. In this respect, Hatay Metropolitan Municipality received its first draw against Kayseri Sugar Sports Club.

Beşiktaş 3,5  – 4,5 T.S Alyans

Reigning champion Beşiktaş played against another strong opponent T.S Alyans. The situation looked equal as there were three draws: GM Dragan Solak drew against Norwegian GM Tari Aryan, WGM Kübra Öztürk successfully drew against reigning European Women’s Champion GM Anna Ushenina and FM Cem Kaan Gökerkan drew against Burcu Çağatay.


Strong GMs of Beşiktaş Shakriyar Mamedyarov and Rauf Mamedov defeated their opponents GM Boris Savchenko and GM Kıvanç Haznedaroğlu. However, this was not enough for Beşiktaş to win, T.S Alyans won by the slightest of margins against Beşiktaş.


Deniz Su Aquamatch 4,5  – 3,5 Taş Duvar


In order to secure their places on the top, this round had utmost importance for Deniz Su Aquamatch. Although the victory came by the slightest margins, Deniz Su Aquamatch is the sole team behind the leader Hatay.

Despite GM Alexander Ipatov’s draw against another Aleksandr, GM Rakhmanov on the first board, on the second board GM Dariusz Swiercz’s draw against World Junior Champion GM Antipov and GM Nana Dzagnidze’s draw against IM Marina Nechaeva, Deniz Su Aquamatch won on three other boards. Winning on only two boards, did not help Taş Duvar against Deniz Su Aquamatch. The final score is 4 ½   – 3 ½ for Deniz Su Aquamatch.

Onur Koleji 5 – 3 Bogazici University

There were four draws including GM Mamedov’s draw against GM Melkumyan and three wins for Onur Koleji. The only win Bogazici University team scored was by IM Lilit Galojan against WIM Ulviyya Fataliyeva. In this respect, Onur Koleji won with a score of 5-3 against Bogazici University.


 Akdeniz Vida 3 – 5 Turkish Airlines

This was the only confrontation without any draws. Thus the results were sharp and clear. Against Turkish Airlines 5 wins in total, Akdeniz Vida could only score 3 wins. Akdeniz Vida team has not been able to score a point in the super league.


ITU 2,5 – 5,5 Tarsus Zeka

This round was crucial for ITU on their way to stay in the league. However, Tarsus Zeka’s Ukrainian GM Yuri Kuzubov won against ITU’s Emre Can after a long battle on the first board. In addition to Kuzubov’s victory, IM Demre Kerigan, FM Volkan Sevgi and Umut Erdem Gündüz’s wins enabled Tarsus Zeka to become victorious with a final score of 2 ½ - 5 ½ .


Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality 0 – 8 1920 Maraşspor

Due to over 700 average rating difference among these two teams, 1920 Maraşspor completely swept Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality.

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