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Round 10 & 11
IMG 0888The rivalry for the top got as intense as it can possibly get in the 10th and the 11th rounds.  Hatay Metropolitan Municipality continues to be at the lead followed by runner-up Kayseri Sugar Sports Club and Deniz Su Aquamatch in the third place.
Round 10
Deniz Su Aquamatch admittedly experienced the biggest surprise of the round. The danger came from where the team least expected. Apart from the draws on the top two boards and the last three boards, despite the significant ELO differences and changes in the main team players, Deniz Seyhanoğlu (2039) and WIM Laura Unuk (2220) of Boğaziçi University beat IM Mert Erdoğdu (2437) and GM Nana Dzagnidze (2529) respectively. The result was 4 ½ – 3 ½ for Boğaziçi University.
It was a stress pack round for Hatay Metropolitan Municipality team too. Draws of the top players GM Ivanchuck, GM Yılmaz, GM Esen, GM Muzychuk against GM Cheparinov, GM Salgado Lopez, GM Haberla, WGM Yıldız; and wins of GM Krasenkow and IM Ufuk Sezen Arat against IM Batuhan Daşdan and FM Serkan Soysal enabled Hatay Metropolitan Municipality to win with the slightest of margins.
Another strong contender for the top, Kayseri Sugar Sports Club played against reigning champion Beşiktaş. GM Moiseenko, GM Jobava, IM Fırat  and IM Atalık drew against GM Solak, GM Mamedov, FM Apaydın and WGM Öztürk.  Wins of IM Gledura, IM Ali Marandi and Rıdvan Şakir carried Kayseri Sugar to victory. The result was 5- 3 for Kayseri Sugar.
T.S Alyans and 1920 Maraşspor, which are closely following the top three, played against each other. The result was 3-5 for T.S Alyans.
The results of the 10th round are as follows:
1920 Maraşspor 3 – 5 T.S Alyans
Kayseri Sugar 5 – 3 Beşiktaş
Turkish Airlines 3 ½  –  4 ½ Hatay Metropolitan Municipality
Tarsus Zeka 5 – 3 Akdeniz Vida
Taş Duvar 4 ½  – 3 ½ ITU
Boğaziçi University4 ½  – 3 ½ Deniz Su Aquamatch
Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality 0 – 8 Onur Koleji
Round 11                                                                                 
Following a round full of excitement, the second round of the day, round 11, took place.
Hatay Metropolitan Municipality’s rise to the top was almost hindered by Tarsus Zeka. One of the surprises of the round was definitely the confrontation of GM Krasenkow (2614) and FM Faruk Keler (2278). Having studied the openings of GM Krasenkow, FM Faruk Keler managed to win against GM Krasenkow gifting his team one point. Wins of GM Ivanchuck, GM Yılmaz and GM Esen balanced out the situation and the match ended with an equal score.
On its way to the top, Kayseri Sugar Sports club managed to beat T.S Alyans with a score of 3½ – 4½.
The eleventh round witnessed the clash of the two universities from İstanbul: Istanbul Technical University and Bogazici University. By the slightest of margins Boğaziçi University won against ITU.  As a result of this confrontation, ITU will most likely be one of the teams leaving the league this year.
The results of the 11th round are as follows:
Onur Koleji 3 – 5 1920 Maraşspor
Deniz Su Aquamatch 8  –  0 Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality
ITU 3 ½ – 4 ½ Boğaziçi University
Akdeniz Vida  5 ½ – 2 ½  Taş Duvar
Hatay Metropolitan Municipality 4 – 4 Tarsus Zeka
Beşiktaş 4 ½ – 3 ½  Turkish Airlines
T.S Alyans 3 ½ – 4 ½ Kayseri Sugar           
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