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Interview Series-2 GM Alexander Ipatov
IMG 9524How do you find the organization of the 2016 Turkish İş Bank Super Chess League?
It’s quite decent I would say. There are refreshments during the game. The playing hall is spacious, all games are broadcasted live and this year there’s also live commentary. The open buffet in the hotel is quite good. I think Turkish Chess Federation did a great job this year.
What is the best organization you have ever participated?
Qatar Open 2015.
How did you start your chess career?
My father taught me how to play chess when I was 4, and my mother took me to the local chess club when I was 6 years old.
What’s best game you have ever played? / Do you have a memorable game?
I think it was the one against Nils Grandelius from the 2012 World Junior Chess Championship in Athens.
Who is your favourite chess player? 
Alexander Alekhine.
In which foreign chess leagues do you play?
France (Bois-Colombes), Spain (Barbera) and Turkey (Deniz Su Aquamatch). I used to play in the German Bundesliga since 2011 but the team was shut down this year.
Do you support a team (football, basketball etc.)? Which team?
FC Barcelona!
What is your chess training routine?
Solving tactics, going over the classics, studying endgame, checking modern theory…
Is there anything you learned from chess that comes in handy in real life?
Many things but I would say: evaluating the consequences and risk management.
What are your hobbies?
Working on my self-education, learning foreign languages, travelling and playing football.
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