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Interview Series-3 GM Ivan Salgado Lopez
IMG 8582How do you find the organization of the 2016 Turkish İş Bank Super Chess League?
I think organization is fantastic! It is the best league organization! Here all the teams stay in the same hotel, this is fantastic, because every team has the same conditions. And then the hotel is fantastic. There are many tournaments where there is a very bad hotel, the food is really bad, you can’t sleep because someone is disturbing… This one is simply perfect.
What is the best organization you have ever participated?
It’s very hard to say, depends on many things. There is a big difference between leagues and other tournaments.  As a team competition, this is one of the best organizations I have ever participated.
How did you start your chess career?
I was a little boy who was moving everywhere, I could not sit (hyperactive).  My brother taught me how to play chess when I was 6 or 7 years old. Actually I am a very competitive person, so chess was perfect for me.
What’s best game you have ever played? / Do you have a memorable game?
My game against Svidler in 2010 Olympiad.
Who is your favourite chess player?
I don’t have any favourite chess players. Probably the best was Fisher maybe.
In which foreign chess leagues do you play?
France (Chalons-En-Champaigne), Spain (Sestao) and Turkey (THY).
Do you support a team (football, basketball etc.)? Which team?
Real Madrid.
What is your chess training routine?
I just do it when I feel like. Since love playing chess I do it everyday.
Is there anything you learned from chess that comes in handy in real life?
Stress management.
What are your hobbies?
Studying languages, playing football, skiing, walking in mountains… many things. I am not a normal chess player! I have lots of hobbies.
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