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Interview Series-5 GM Shakhriyar Mamedyarov
IMG 82266How do you find the organization of the 2016 Turkish İs Bank Super Chess League?
I found the city and the hotel very good this year. It was really good playing in İzmir. Though we did not have any time to have fun or to see around, I think İzmir was a good choice. I’d be happy if you organize it here again next year.
What is the best organization you have ever participated?
I think there is a big difference between super tournaments and leagues. Sometimes you don’t even have time for eating. I love playing in Turkey. But I really liked the place where we had camp with (Sergey) Karjakin in Dubai.
How did you start your chess career?
My father forced me to play chess.
What’s best game you have ever played? / Do you have a memorable game?
2004 or 2005 Spanish League against Van Wely. I won the game with black pieces. I am proud of that game.
Who is your favourite chess player?
There are a lot, I can’t name only one person. I learn from everyone who plays good.
In which foreign chess leagues do you play?
Spain, Germany, Russia, China, Turkey… Only Turkey and China in the past couple of years. I will play for the German League this year.  
Do you support a team (football, basketball etc.)? Which team?
I have supported FC Barcelona since I was a child. I love the attacks of Barcelona. I also like watching Manchester’s games. I love watching good matches.
What is your chess training routine?
Watching games and analysing those games. Watching more games will definitely improve you.
Is there anything you learned from chess that comes in handy in real life?
I see chess in every part of my life, in my thoughts etc.. It helps me a lot.
What are your hobbies?
Sports: bowling, trekking in scenic places like mountains.
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