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Interview Series-6 GM Vassily Ivanchuk
IMG 96779How do you find the organization of the 2016 Turkish İs Bank Super Chess League?
Excellent organization, excellent playing hall, excellent food… All was made very good for players.
What is the best organization you have ever participated?
2006 Melody Amber Rapid and Blindfold tournament in Monaco.
How did you start your chess career?
My father taught me chess when I was a kid.
What’s best game you have ever played? / Do you have a memorable game?
I have at least 10, but from this league my favourite was the one against GM Boris Savchenko.

Who is your favourite chess player?
I like Capablanca.

In which foreign chess leagues do you play?
Turkey, I’m planning to play in Bundesliga (Germany) and Croatian League.
Do you support a team (football, basketball etc.)? Which team?
Sometimes just for fun. I don’t support a team.
What is your chess training routine?
I look at many games, analyse and prepare new ideas for tournaments, review all of my games.
Is there anything you learned from chess that comes in handy in real life?
Chess has influence on players and I’m not an exception. It is difficult to say as there are too many things.
What are your hobbies?
I like to go for a walk. I like to read some books.
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