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Interview Series-4 GM Ernesto Inarkiev
IMG 0839How do you find the organization of the 2016 Turkish İs Bank Super Chess League?
Most conditions are very good; the hotel is fine. I think the only thing I suggest to the Federation to think about to change the schedule, to avoid the double rounds in such a high level organization. Other than that, I think the system is very interesting, teams can play with kids that is very interesting.
What is the best organization you have ever participated?
Hard question, usually it is hard to divide your result from the quality of the organization. Generally, I think that Russia is still leading in organizing chess events. You can see the chess television, which is high quality also.
How did you start your chess career?
I learned chess from my father when I was 5. When I was 7, I started to go to some special section to train, because in my new school there was a chess lesson and coach was a very good one. She said that I should train in chess, and this is how it started.
What’s best game you have ever played? / Do you have a memorable game?
I have a lot games I like. For me, every game I play or I watch is like a book, like a movie. When you have just started, you may have one, but when you play, lets say a thousand games, it’s already hard to choose one. Among my games, if it is against a strong opponent it’s a very interesting game most probably.
Who is your favourite chess player?
When I was young my favourite was Fisher for sure because of his character. He has a fighting character, no compromises, always fighting till the end. For that period, it was really big thing. Also in chess his level is fantastic.
In which foreign chess leagues do you play?
Germany, Turkey, China…
Do you support a team (football, basketball etc.)? Which team?
From time to time I support FC Barcelona.
What is your chess training routine?
One should ask themselves: do you like chess? You like playing? Or do you feel like you are wasting your time? If you say yes, I love chess there are a lot of possibilities: such as games of old champions. There are a lot of good books. 744 Games of Robert (Bobby) Fischer I read it from time to time.
Is there anything you learned from chess that comes in handy in real life?
It’s the simplest and the best way to train intellect to make decisions, and for concentration. It develops one’s character.
What are your hobbies?
I do aikido. I have a black belt.
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